A running timeline of my captured light images

I specialize in mobile photography.  The size and portability of my smart phone allows me to carry it everywhere and snap whatever catches my eye.  The images I capture are all improvised from what I see as I walk about the world. When I am by the coast of the Atlantic Ocean I shoot a lot of seascapes otherwise I usually shoot overlooked pieces of the man made world.

After capturing random scenes I enjoy processing the shots to enhance the image. Actually the photograph becomes secondary to the treated image. In many ways I don't consider my images as photography. I like to push the photo into an exaggerated image, a specialized reality as it were.    

My website is a running timeline of my photo images. This page is continually updated with my latest works.

To look at earlier works click on one of the years listed above. Other images not in the timeline can be viewed through the other links shown above. 

Click on the Prints link to peruse images for sale on Fine Art America.